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The village of Vír boasts a decent infrastructure - you will find a grocery store with daily operation, a branch of the Czech Post and a general practitioner's office. If you have problems with your teeth, you can visit a modern dental office and then have a beautician and hairdresser work on your outside. However, the satisfaction or disappointment of tourists is usually decided by two key factors, to which we therefore devote separate links. Fortunately, the quality of both accommodation and catering has significantly improved in the last few years, and today our region is able to satisfy clients of all categories.

Tourist destinations in the area

In the immediate vicinity of Vír you will find a large number of sights and tourist attractions, which are definitely worth a visit. Probably the most important historical monument is undoubtedly the Pernštejn Castle in the town of Nedvědice, 16 kilometers away. There is a regular bus service between Vír and Nedvědice, so you can combine a trip to Pernštejn with a tasting of beer or other alcoholic beverages. Other famous destinations include the beautiful church in Vítochov, the mining chapel in Švařec or the ruins of the castles Zubštejn, Aušperk or Pyšolec. A nationwide well-known attraction is also the western town of Šiklův mlýn near Zvole or a haunted castle in the village of Dolní Rožínka. There is really a lot to do in our region!